TISA – carsharing profiles in Spain

Thanks Dirk and yes I do have a question about carsharing in Spain:

What about this? (Please don’t be frightened by this long list, I am just playing some ideas with you).

Goal: Who in Spain uses carsharing? Can you – and who knows better than you — provide a brief profile in half a dozen lines which help us to understand the human reality of carsharing in Spain today– bearing in mind that we say – us among others – the transportation, that mobility is not about steel and concrete but above all about people.

Here are all (or at least many of them) the usual questions that the marketing studies try to get a handle on:

· So who are all these crazy Spaniards who think that carsharing is a good idea and who have come to use it for their own good reasons.

· Are they solo men, women, couples, families? Are they poor, rich or other?

· DO they live in cities? Or suburbs? Or in the country?

· Do they carshare because they are tree-huggers, mad obsessive Greens? Communists? Anarchists? Because they just like to be different from the rest?

· Do they carshare because of (a) economic reasons? (b) convenience? (c) simplicity of life?

· Do they also use more “other mobility modes” (the usual, walking, biking, PT, taxis, rental cars)?

Now that I have got that off my chest, let me share with you why I write this to you this Sunday morning in the snow. Along with the Dutch information, our friend there made the following statement that I found worth pursuing: “” In the Netherlands higher educated, double income households constitute a relative high percentage of the carsharing-users”

My thought was and is to add an annex to the final article in which knowledgeable people in that place share a few lines of information about who, why? And hence this note.


TISA – carsharing – 19dec10-v2.pdf

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