TISA – and carsharing in the US

Dear Susan,

Thanks so much, and the attached is how things are looking on this early Sunday morning. While at the bottom this is really about TISA and not carsharing per se, I am glad we decided to start here and am moderately hopeful that the final results may prove of some use to our colleagues, and perhaps even to advancing the carsharing agenda all over the place.

Any top of your head thoughts on growth rates over the last years of two in the States?

Finally, were you to do a Kentucky windage characterization of "who carshares in America", how would you describe those people based on all you know and have observed about it.

I think of this because our friend who is providing the Dutch data wrote earlier that "" higher educated, double income households constitute a relative high percentage of the carsharing-users." I have asked him if he would like to give a line or two more on this, with the thought perhaps of putting all these ‘informed guesses’ into a little annex. It would be interesting to see if this is going to look pretty much the same in all countries. In a way it would not be surprising. And the very least it is probably not an example of "involuntary movement down the life quality ladder".

And WHY do these relatively well off people with lots of choices decide to convert to carsharing? Because they want to save the planet? Because they are embarrassed to be seen driving a big car with their name on it? Is it economics? Convenience? A social statement?

Do you think a three to six line statement on this "more typical user profile" might be useful?


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TISA – carsharing – 19dec10-v2.pdf

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