TISA – and carsharing in the Netherlands

Thanks so much Jeroen. That’s really very kind and I can only hope that the completed version will be of use to you in turn.

Your sentence on carsharing-users/quick profile is interesting. Maybe we should ask each of our respondents to give us a couple of lines on this which we could put in a small annex?

You say, for instance: ” higher educated, double income households constitute a relative high percentage of the carsharing-users.” Anything else you might add as a sort of mini-profile of “typical” carshare users?

And WHY do these relatively well off people with lots of choices decide to convert to carsharing? Because they want to save the planet? Because they are embarrassed to be seen driving a big car with their name on it? Is it economics? Convenience? A social statement?

This is definitely worth thinking about. Thanks for ringing the bell.

Thanks again,


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