TISA – and carsharing in Brazil

Thanks Lincoln That’s just great and I await with pleasure.

“Urban %”??? Since this information has been put together by someone else from many and certainly very diverse sources, all I can do is offer you my best guess. I would say the % of the total population that is living in communities of more than xx thousand. Which might boil down to something like “% of people not living in rural areas or very small communities”. But I have nothing on it more than that.

Maybe we should drop it altogether. But since we are not looking for a bible but rather a map of sorts, no matter how rough, I am tempted to keep it in.

And here finally is a question that just comes to mind this morning but which I think it might be interesting if I ask to you and to the others who are so generously partnering with us in this team work.

Namely, what is it that government could do, should do, in order to inspire a major 10x jump in high quality, effective carsharing in the next couple of years.

I would propose to ask this question in two rounds. First in private to each team member. Then, to make my best synthesis of what I have in hand (and what I think I have figured out for myself) and then put it before each of you and give you an opportunity to edit, revise, even totally change your recommendation to your own government.

I hope that’s clear and thanks so much.



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