TISA – and carsharing in Spain

Dear Noy,

This is great. Spain is the third country to enter into this team project and even after less than 24 hours we have another half dozen who have written to say that they are working on it. This has to say something important about carsharing and sharing as a good thing more generally.

Message to Government: One last thing here: Once this exercise begins to take decent shape you may wish to add your thoughts to our Message to Government section in which each of the partners for this project are invited to provide up to three policy recommendations to their government partners (national, local, etc.) of the wise things they could, they should be doing to x10 carsharing in their perimeter in the next 2 to 5 years. Let me know and I can provide you with more brief background on how we see that working..

Your kind invitation: I much appreciate your invitation and of course I shall try to help out in some way. There may be a problem here and that is that unlike my colleagues who work for government or other funded groups I need to be paid for my time — and in addition to that because of my long standing personal CO2 budget (www.responsibility.newmobility.org, since 1995) I cannot get on a plan, make a talk and just fly back home. The rule is that I must spend at least one working day in that place for each hour it take me to get there. In the case of Madrid, this would mean three working days at my collaborative rate of € 800/day. I wish I could come for nothing, but I am afraid that I do not have any subsidy or support for my public interest work, including all that is entailed in keeping World Streets gong and of course the World Carshare Consortium. So I have to work for a living. Sad, etc.

I am sure that there will be a lot for me to do, learn and share with the sustainable mobility community in Madrid, so I do hope this will work out.

Kind regards and again true thanks for being so quick in getting that information to us for TISA,


PS. The attached may interest you. It reports on a presentation I made in Liverpool two weeks ago, in a national conference along with the British Minister of Transport who was my co-keynote speaker. (You will see all that in the attached, which also appeared as a feature article in World Streets a few days later.




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