TISA – and carsharing in Sweden

Dear Sustainable Swedes,

We have recently launched a little pilot probe, looking at the possibility of generate something like the famous OECD PISA program but this time for sustainable transport, with a series of available national indicators. We call it TISA – Transport International Sustainability Assessment. And we have decided to start with carsharing. (Subsequently, and hopefully once we have a clear example with the carshare data, we will start to get into the other sustainable transport forms and indicators concerning which we have some advanced thoughts. But we are starting here.)
This morning we received our first bit of help on this from friends in Norway, with the preliminary results as you see in the attached. Please note that we are trying to work with available data. And we are trying to keep it simple.

Can you possibly help us by sending on a series of indicators along these lines for Sweden? I have tried to lay this out so that it will be possible for you to do this with the information you have at hand.

And if the objective of our TISA project may seem a little soggy at this point, let me ask you to have some confidence that whatever it is we come up with will in its way help the move to more sustainable transport and to more and better carsharing in our cities and communities.

Thank you do much. I wait with real interest to hearing from you on this.

And if you have suggestions for other indicators, methodology , etc. please do not hesitate to share them. As usual this is an open collaborative project without a price tag, and will be as good and useful as we all make it.


Eric Britton

TISA – carsharing – 17dec10-v3.xlsx


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