Consultancy opportunity in UAE with DOT

Dear Norman and all, I know you know this but let me say it anyway because I truly believe that we cannot insist too much on this point:

1. The only way that anyone anywhere can reduce vehicle emissions meaningfully and when it counts (that means ASAP) is be reduce VKT – vehicle kms travelled

2. And the only way to reduce VKT is to make solo car travel possible of course but in many instances less desirable (time, money, convenience) than other more space-efficient and more environmentally efficient ways of getting around (bearing in mind that the strategies for achieving this are by now well known with many fine examples availed in a wide variety of different kinds of operational circumstances).

3. Finally, to achieve this goal an integrated program needs to be created to offer favored access to street space on the part of public transport and other shared transport options (ridesharing, shared taxis, small bus services and the like), and of course to real improvements in terms of safety and quality of transit for walkers and cyclists.

The problem with all this, again as we all know, is that the client has to bite the bullet and set aside their old ideas about building and creating a mainly car-based access system. That as we are seeing in place after place is painful, but it is the bottom line. It requires exceptionally lucid and committed people and leadership skills to make this difficult shift in their thinking.

Technical improvements have their role too of course, but they take more time to bring on line in any significant way. Still they too have to be brought in – but in second place to the main strategy – reducing the quantum of motorized traffic, without damaging the economy or quality of life for those who live in the place.

Will your client go for this? If so I know that we and others on this list will be glad to step up to the plate and offer their service. Perhaps a first step might be a direct consultation with the client to explore these ideas. They cannot really be reduced to an email of even a careful paper proposal. The starting place for wise transport policy is with people.


Eric Britton

– – – – – –

Dear All,

There is a consultancy opportunity for Vehicular Emission Reduction Strategy to be planned in UAE. Please contact me for this consultancy option in association with a local Env Consultancy Company at noman.qadir . I would appreciate if you could guide me to the right group / person to join hands with us.

Many thanks and best regard,

Dr. Noman Fazal Qadir


email :- (personal ) nfqadir ; nfqadir

cellular + 971 50 6534979 ;


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