Editorial: World Transport Archives– and how we read in 2013

eb-cafe-lighterWe have recently set up a collaborative program entitled the World Transport Policy and Practice Archives, which you can find at http://worldtransportarchives.wordpress.com/.  The goal of this project  is to prepare and publish in easily readable form the content of all of the editions of the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice  that have appeared since its founding in 1995, and which until now have been available only in hard-to-reach print or more recently PDF form.

The thesis behind this project is that all too often valuable information and insights that appear in book or journal from tend over time to disappear from the scene, as much as anything because they are bound between the covers of the publication. In many instances this may be a blessing, but there are others in which it can be a real loss. And in this particular case it is my personal position that in the case of the quality of insights contained within the seventy volumes that have been published over the last eighteen years, many of the articles are worth a second or more read. Hence the Archives project, which you can now find at http://worldtransportarchives.wordpress.com.

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World Transport — and how do people like us read in 2013?

I am writing a book under the working title of No Excuses: A Tale of Cities, Indolence, Complexity and . . .  Simplicity.  The word indolence has been carefully chosen, since it points up one of the main arguments of the book – namely my firm belief after something like four decades of work in  the field, that what far the greater part of everything that we needed to know to correct the policy and investment follies that have largely characterized our field and pilloried our cities over these decades, were fully laid out and largely understood by the mid seventies. Continue reading